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Early Childhood Information

Welcome to the JDEducational blog. This is the official blog hosted by These posts have been created by Jeana Kinne, MA (Creator of JDEducational Curriculum Series) and a variety of guest posts from experts within the early childhood and parenting professions.

This blog has been designed to provide information to parents and educators regarding early childhood education,  positive parenting strategies and share current early childhood resources. The information on this page is geared specifically for children ages birth through six years old, including answers to common parenting questions, suggestions on how to resolve challenging behaviors, information regarding typical and atypical child development and curriculum to support kindergarten readiness skills.                                                  No matter if a child is typically developing, or has some developmental delays, a parent’s engagement in their child’s daily life directly correlates with the child’s academic and social progress. The purpose of this blog is to provide all-inclusive, developmentally appropriate information to parents, childcare providers, and anyone else who works directly with young children.

If we all work together as a community, all children will be able to meet academic, social emotional and self-help developmental milestones, preparing them for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Please investigate the site, read and respond to blog posts and send any comments or suggestions to

For more information about the JDEducational Curriculum Series (a preschool and kindergarten readiness curriculum for parents and children), please visit my our product pages.


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