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Life through a Toddler's Eyes

Hi! My name is Alex and I am 18 months old. When we are out in public, everyone looks at me and says "awe what a sweetheart." I smile at them, wave and sometimes give the ladies a half smile!

Toddlers are cute, but most of the time we move around non-stop. We just can't stay in one place.

I know that it can be exhausting for you mom, but I just can't help myself.

Do you know what it is like to be me?

Just a few months ago, I couldn't move. I depended on you to take me everywhere. I have been eyeing those pretty dishes in the kitchen, but I couldn't get to them, no matter how hard I tried.

I can walk now. I am even starting to move faster.

So those dishes up there I have been watching for months? Now that I can climb, sometimes I want to climb up on the counter to touch them.

I know I am not supposed to, but how can I stop myself? The colors are amazing. Now I can move my body like I want to. I am finally in control.

I love it!

When you tell me to stay in one spot, "just for a minute," I really do try!

But the world around me is calling my name all of the time.

I know it is hard that I am impulsive, reaching and grabbing at things I am not supposed to.

You are my person! You are my mom or my dad. You know what is good for me and what might hurt me.

I'm sure child-proofing is annoying, but I want to say thank you.

Soon I will be able to sit still longer. I will be able to concentrate on activities.

You will be able to go to the bathroom in peace.

For now, today, I need you. You teach me what is good for me.

You are my lifeline.

You are everything to me. I love you.

I play hard and I sleep hard. That's my job!

But I am learning! One day I will understand the rules, be able to listen and stay still. One day I will be able to help you. For right now, mom... dad... please be patient.

One day you be able to sit down again. One day I won't need you 24/7.

But for now, you are my everything. I love you.

Thank you.

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