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Different Ways to Learn with the Same Toy

Do you ever wonder what different games you can do with the same toy? Do you have a ton of toys around your home and wonder what planet your child is on when your child says "I don't have anything to do"? Creating new and engaging games with one toy may help prevent this "toy boredom". To help, I have created a series of instructional videos which incorporate a variety of different games using toys you may already have at home!

As the holidays are approaching and you are wondering "What am I going to get my children, grandchildren, neighbor kids....", I hope this series of blog posts will help you decide on how to find that perfect gift which will provide endless opportunities of "unboredom"! Make sure to share the specific blog post with the family you give the gift to, so that they will be able to complete all of the different games!

Without Further Ado, here is the first video of the Preventing Toy Boredom Series. See below the Video for a list of activities presented in the video and some more activity ideas.

This toy is called "Sensory Sights" and can be purchased HERE.


Activities shown in the video:

1. Picture and family Identification

2. Color Identification using 3x cards

3. Shape Identification using Paper and Markers

4. Counting and Number Identification using Paper and Markers

5. Letter and Name Recognition using 3x5 Cards and Markers

More Ideas:

6. Sounds - Place pictures of items that make sounds and see if your child can make the sound of the item (example: animals, cars, trains, vacuum, blender, etc).

7. I Spy - Place pictures of objects around your home and see if your child can find the object which matches the object that ends up on the top of the cube.

8. Body Match - Take pictures of your child's Nose, Eyes, Ears, Hands, Feet, Elbows, Knuckles, Knees, .... print out the photos and place some into the cube. See if your child can point to the body parts that match the one on top of the cube.

Optional - Play: the game "head, shoulders, knees and toes" but using the body parts placed on the cube instead!

9. Music Creation - Place a photo of a foot, hand, tongue and stomach in the cube. Have your child create music by tapping the body part twice that ends up on the top of the cube! 

10. Direction Game - Place photos of different things that need to be done around the home (take garbage out, clean up room, fold laundry, etc). Have the child toss the cube and then help the adult complete the task that ends up on the top. Continue until all tasks are complete.


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  • I am totally sharing this with my mom friends! Such awesome info. Thanks for sharing ?


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