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Pumpkin Numbers (with Video)

Halloween is in our midst and so is fall. That means that there are pumpkins everywhere!

Learning with pumpkins can be so much fun. Here is a simple way to teach your child to to teach advanced math skills using pumpkins.


Materials Needed:

* Two pumpkins (Or More)
* Measuring Tape
* One Marker (any color)
* Two 3x5 Cards (Or Small pieces of paper)
* An area safe for your child to run in


(See Video for demonstration.)

Step 1: Help your child measure the pumpkins with the measuring tape.

Step 2: Write the letter "B" on one 3x5 card and the letter "L" on the other one.

Step 3: Write the height (in inches) of the big pumpkin next to the letter "B".

Step 4: Write the height (in inches) of the Little pumpkin next to the letter "L".

Step 5: Place the pumpkins on opposite sides of the room (if you are using more than two pumpkins, place each pumpkin in a different area of the room).

Step 6: Show your child one of the 3x5 cards. Can they identify the letter on the card?

Step 7: Have the child run to you to get the card, then run to the pumpkin that letter identifies ("L" card goes on the "little" pumpkin).

Step 8: Repeat the activity with the other cards.

Step 9: Repeat the activity with the numbers on the cards. Can you child identify the numbers and match the numbers to the right pumpkin?

Step 10: Repeat activity with different movements!

Movement Options:

1. Run to the Pumpkin
2. Jump to the Pumpkin
3. Crawl to the Pumpkin
4. Hop to the Pumpkin
5. Roll to the Pumpkin

What other movement activities can you or your child think of?

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