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Silly Daddy Goes to the Supermarket

Follow this family on a silly shopping adventure! When mom is busy and dad is sent to the Supermarket with the kids to purchase items on the grocery list, you never know what you are going to get!


This sweet story describes a father and his children working together to "creatively" find and purchase items that "may" resemble mom's shopping list!


Your kids (and you) will laugh through this book as you watch your child be entertained through a typically "mundane" weekly (or daily) chore! As silly as this story is, discussions about this story can be used to teach your child about ingredients in foods and it's nutritional value. The most important lesson in all this: even familiar tasks/daily chores can be filled with laughter while spending quality family time!

By the age of nine, Julia Frankel had decided that she wanted to be an author. When she was ten years old, her mother met a very successful television writer in England, where she was born and raised.  Here is how the Silly Daddy series began:

"His name was Lord Ted Willis and he wrote a very popular television series called Dixon of Dock Green.  He invited me to join him for tea, so that he could talk to me about my ambitions.  I was terribly disappointed, when he told me that I was too young to be a good writer.  He said that the best writers use their personal experiences for inspiration, and that I was too young to have any real experience of life yet.  Despite this advice, I continued to write, which led me to create a the four-part Silly Daddy series, which my kids and their friends enjoyed so much, they kept asking for more.

The Silly Daddy series is based on my father, my husband and some other silly daddies that I’ve known.  Silly Daddy is a ridiculous character, who takes his three kids on zany adventures. He channels a childlike ethos, viewing the world from a naive and innocent perspective.  Each one of the books is based on a true story, and parents tell me that they enjoy reading these books with their children, as they relate to the situations and characters.  That said, the books are written purely to make children laugh. It is my belief that if we want children to enjoy learning to read, we should make it fun. And there is nothing more fun than laughter.  Like many children, my own five kids preferred to sit in front of a screen than in front of a book. I realized that it was hard for a book to compete with a funny cartoon. So the Silly Daddy series is humorous, absurd, and has cartoon like illustrations, which I hope will encourage kids to see books as fun and entertaining."

You can find more of Julia's work  on her Facebook page.

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About the Author:

Julia Frankel was born and raised in England.  She moved to the U.S. in 1993, where she raised her five children. Julia discovered her passion for writing as a child and had decided at ten years old that she wanted to be an author.  When she met a successful British t.v. writer, he told her that good writers write from their own experiences and she always remembered that advice.  Her passion for writing and story telling grew even more when she had a young family of her own.  The Silly Daddy books were based on observations of the fathers in her life and were originally written to entertain her own children.




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