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Spot - A Sea Pup's Survival Guide - about taking care of the ocean


Spot is a very sweet Sea Pup out exploring the ocean! As author, Laura Knight says, this book's purpose is to teach children to "Be kind to the planet. Be kind to each other." 

While Spot is exploring the ocean, he gets tangled up in trash and needs to be rescued. Adjacent to the colorful illustrations, there are vibrant photographs of real ocean scenery, taken by Richard Salas.


Help your child view the wonders of the ocean world and learn ways to help animals, all while taking care of our environment at the same time. Also included in the "survival guide" are fun ocean animal facts and activity ideas.

Laura Knight, a Southern California surfer, has grown to love the ocean as her second home. She hopes that children and adults will read Spots story, developing their own love and appreciation for this mysterious part of our world. She includes simple and easy to implement lesson ideas for parents and teachers to complete, bridging the gap between learning about a subject and implementing action! 

Laura wrote the following about her inspiration to write about Spot:

"Spot: A Sea Pup's Survival Guide was inspired by a visit to a Marine Mammal Rescue Center, where I witnessed the rehabilitation of an injured sea lion. I write about things that I have a personal connection to, or experience, worth sharing with others-- in hopes to inspire others to positively impact our world. The oceans ecosystem is huge. My book Spot is an introduction to young readers, to see the vastness of marine life and why it's important we, collectively, do our best to protect it."

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About the Author:

Laura Knight is an award-winning children's book author, a surfer, creator of Friendly Planet Club, and an animal lover who lives in Southern California. She spent 15+ years as an accomplished Art Director int he toy industry, managing many popular children's brands. She stays busy visiting libraries and schools, sharing her message  to "Be kind to the planet. Be kind to each other." by encouraging conversations with children about kindness and ocean conservation.

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Do you want to help these wonderful Marine Animals?

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is near and dear to Laura's heart. Their mission statement is:

"The Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescues, rehabilitates and releases marine mammals and inspires ocean stewardship through research education and collaboration."

Here, trained staff recognize when seals and sea lions are ill and immediately transport them safely to a the veterinary clinic where they are well cared for through recovery and rehabilitation. Once healthy enough to be independent, these wondrous patients are released back where they were found, so they can continue to live and inspire the world.

Find out more about the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and donate here on their website.


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