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Summer Nature Hunt (Guest Post)

Summer Nature Hunt by Dana Vanderburg 
(free printable available at the bottom of this post)


Have you been enjoying your summer so far? I can't believe another year has flown by!

To celebrate the summer months, we have a fun + simple printable to share with you - a nature scavenger hunt sheet.

What is it?

This printable is perfect for those summer nature walks outside and will not only encourage your child to explore the nature around them but will also make for a fun art project.

What materials do you need?

To get started, simply print out the nature scavenger hunt sheet, attach it to a clipboard or book, grab a pencil or colored pencils, and head outside.

What will you do?

You could keep this activity super easy and simply invite your child to draw what they find during their nature walk or you could use this activity to lead to a larger art project or educational activity inspired by their findings.

You could invite your child to paint a larger scene, incorporating everything they found on their nature walk. Or, maybe they want to learn more about a particular item from their scavenger hunt - a particular flower, for example. A trip to the local library might be fun, where you and your child could search for books on different flowers.

You could also invite your child to create paintings of their favorite flowers. Or, sculpt a clay flower. The possibilities are endless! 

Follow your child's lead and see where it takes you both!

Get the Printable HERE!

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About the Author:

The Art Kit is run by Dana, a mama who loves spending time with her children creating art, crafting, and playing. She also enjoys using her educational background in digital media design to create fun and educational printables for children. To follow along with their crafty adventures, head on over to the blog, where there's always something new to discover!

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