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Perfect Pets for Young Kids

Having a pet in the house is great for company, for friendship and for teaching responsibility. There are so many different animals and pets out there. Here are the three pets I had in my preschool classroom and why they were such wonderful companions.


1. Fish - Any kind of fish will do. We had beta fish but at other times we had guppies. Both were fun to watch. They were calming so we put them near the "library" area of the classroom. These can be incorporated near your home "reading section".

Tips: Water snails are wonderful for keeping the tank clean (make sure that the fish in the tank are okay with other animals).


2. Guinea Pigs - Such a cute and cuddly animal! Our Guinea pigs were so fun to watch. We even had a little fenced area on the grass where we let them run around. The kids learned how to be gentle and to stay calm while holding them. They had simple jobs: Feed them, give them water and give them lots of pets!


3. Tadpoles - Looking for a fun science project? A tadpole is a wonderful animal for young children. Everyday, the children would go look at "Charlie the tadpole" and see if he looked any different then he did the day before. Once Charlie turned into a bullfrog, we released him in a local creek.


There are so many pets out there to have as part of your family. What pets do you have in your home? Comment below with a picture of your child and their companion!


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