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Top 10 Learning Toys for Preschoolers and Books

I set out to bring you my top 10 Favorite Preschool Toys! Hopefully these are ones you haven't seen before, but they are my absolute favorite!

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1. Constructive Playthings Huggable Multi-Cultural Baby Dolls for Kids, Set of 4

These baby dolls come as a set of four. They look so real and can put in water (bathtime) hugged and cuddled. 


2.Play22 Kids Cleaning Set 12 Piece - Toy Cleaning Set Includes Broom, Mop, Brush, Dust Pan, Duster, Sponge, Clothes, Spray, Bucket, Caution Sign, - Toy Kitchen Toddler Cleaning Set - Original


This wooden playset is fabulous to have at home or in the classroom. Kids love to help and by helping you, they learn important life skills. I love how they look like the real deal and that they are wooden, so they will last a long time!


3. Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks are sooooo cool! Not only do they teach colors and shapes, but the also stick together easily. Toddlers through preschoolers will have a blast as they mix and match the shapes to create new items.


4.Lincoln Logs


These Lincoln logs have stood the test of time! Not only are they fabulous for creating amazing cabins, but they teach children eye-hand coordination and balance. 


5. Peel and Play Food Set

Pretend Play is one of my favorite things, and who doesn't love it when their kids pretend to cook meals for them in the kitchen? What makes this food set so special is that each piece is velcrowed together! The play knife and cutting board allows your child to safely cut the veggies for "dinner!"... and easily put them back together. 

6. Wooden Scale

Learning math can be fun at a young age! It all starts with weight, compare and contrast and counting. This super fun set allows your child to do it all. It comes with some colored items to weigh, but add in anything else you find around your home!

7. The Stomp Rocket

The stomp rocket allows children to run and jump, but it also allows them to practice balance, coordination and counting! I love this for the outside play area. 

8. Wooden Musical Instruments

Music is good for the soul! It also teaches rhythm and language! This wooden set includes a variety of instruments so your kids can learn how to play different ones. They are easy to clean and aren't too loud.

9. Sand Tracing Table and Cards

Learning how to write can be fun! This tracing sand kit allows children to use their fingers to imitated lines and letters! They can use a brush, their fingers or a pen with cap on. 

10. Magnetic Letter Fishing Game

Another super fun letter game! This fishing game allows children to work on their eye-hand coordination, fine motor development and letter recognition. This game is fun to play in a group or on their own!

11. Sammy the Golden Dog Books

These books are amazing book are perfect for preschoolers. They each include activities at the end of the book that teach the lessons in the story through play! 

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