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Why Imagination is Important - The Bear Who Dreamed of Flying

Have you noticed that children love pretend play? It seems like they are drawn to it immediately. Whether it be pretending an empty box is a train car, handing you a block (you know it's a phone right..) or playing dress-up with just about anything (including mom's shorts as a hat)! 

A child's imagination can take them anywhere! Nothing seems unreachable. Isn't that part of the magic of being a child?

Just like the bear cub in this amazing story:

The heart-warming story of a very small bear with a very big dream, he wants to FLY!

Do you have a child who dreams of something? To do something? To be something? 

Everyone tells this little bear that he is too little to fly, but he always wears flying goggles (just in case they change their minds), which is why his family calls him 'Goggles'. 

One day, circumstances change, which might make his dreams come true!

Not only is this charming story filled with descriptions that will capture readers of all ages (even adults), but the illustrations are light and colorful. The detailed illustrations make you feel like you are in the story! 

And there are a few funny parts too. Such as the bears trying to come up with the right fuel to make their plane fly!

Plus: Special history page about the famous Wright Brothers - the first people to fly.

The bears in the story are the first bears to fly, so they're called "The Wright Bears", after the famous Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, the first people to fly. There's a dedication page to the brothers, with photographs of their famous plane "The Wright Flyer."

Talented illustrator Jonathan Gunson wrote the story, and ALSO illustrated it with another brilliant artist, Richard Robinson. This story will inspire children's imagination and encourage them to follow their dreams, making it a magical experience when reading it to them.

The story of "Goggles" not only inspires children to dream, but it might re-inspire adults too! It even includes a little bit of history! Brilliant illustrations, simple words, along with the hard cover, enable every child, regardless of age, to read, appreciate and implement the lessons that "Goggles" has to offer. 

Order your own copy of "Goggles: The Bear Who Dreamed of Flying" on Amazon . When your order from this link, the authors, Johnathon and Richard, will receive a little commission that they donate towards planting more trees!

About the Author:

The "magic of story" has been a life-long Passion, especially creating stories that entertain and inspire children.

Jonathan has written and illustrated 15 books, including a bestseller that sold over 400,000 copies. He also created and produced two children's television series about aliens and space knights. His first choice is creating adventurous fantasy stories for children.

His sources of inspiration JM Barrie, Lewis Carroll, AA Milne and Walt Disney are his greatest sources of inspiration


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