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Level 2: Unit 3: Advanced Opposites

Level 2: Unit 3: Advanced Opposites

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The 3rd Unit of the Pre-K YOUR Way Level 2 Series.

Perfect for children ages 3-6 years old, this play based unit encourages hands-on play activities to instill a love of learning. Items needed to complete the activities are materials typically found around the home or inexpensively purchased at a local convenience store. This 48 page, digital download includes:

    15 "Advanced Opposites" Academic Activities address math, science, literacy, art, health/safety, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, music and movement and literacy development. Activities focus on introducing new vocabulary such as near and far, heavy and light, more and less, upside-down and right-side up. Examples include "Tall vs. Short Igloo Building", "Inside and Outside Dance", "Near vs. Far", "Different vs. Same" and so much more!

    The 15 Activities are divided into 3 Academic areas:

    • 5 Math/Science
    • 5 Language/Literacy
    • 5 Gross Motor/Fine Motor

    It also includes:

    • Themed Books
    • Themed Art Area
    • Themed Sensory Bin Activities
    • Themed Dramatic Play Activities

            Click here to learn more about the curriculum and what your child will learn.

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