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Pumpkin Opposites (with video)

Halloween is in our midst and so is fall. That means that there are pumpkins everywhere!

Learning with pumpkins can be so much fun. Here is a simple way to teach your child to to teach advanced opposites using pumpkins.


Materials Needed:

* One empty envelope
* 24 4x6 cards (or pieces of papers cut up into 24 four by six sized paper)
* One Marker (any color)
* One piece of tape
* One large pumpkin.


See Video. Below this video are suggestions of opposites.


Advanced Opposite Suggestions:

1. Near vs Far
2. High vs Low
3. Up vs Down
4. Over vs Under
5. In vs Out
6. Right-side up vs Upside down
7. Inside vs Outside

What other positional opposites can you or your child think of?

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