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Easy & Fun Preschool Activities


Teach your kids the fun and easy way!

It's exhausting scouring Pinterest for hours to find that perfect activity. Then emptying your wallet at the craft store on $100 to complete it.

Worksheets only keep your child's attention for short periods of time, and are usually boring.

What if your child could learn Kindergarten Readiness Skills by playing with things you already have at home?

Hi, I'm Jeana Kinne, MA, an Early Childhood Educator and Curriculum Specialist.

We want our children to be happy kids and successful adults. To do this, we need to encourage a love of learning from the very beginning!

Pre-K YOUR Way   lessons include step-by-step instructions, handy material lists and short preparation times, that will fill your days with fun!

They are so simple that any adult can do them.

Perfect for children ages 2-6, Pre-K YOUR Way will use typical household items to teach your child:

    1. Math
    2. Science
    3. Motor Skills
    4. Language Development 
    5. Letter and Word Knowledge
    6. Beginning Reading
    7. Social Skills 
    8. Emotional Skills
    9. Independence Skills

These are not printable worksheets that your kids have to sit and fill out. 

Your kids will have the time of their lives learning through:

    1. Cooking 
    2. Music
    3. Art Activities
    4. Movement Activities
    5. Science Experiments
    6. Letter Activities
    7. Sensory Play

... and so much More!

Plus, your child will learn the skills needed to be successful in Kindergarten!


Preschools charge at least $500 hundred per month just for part-time programs. If you have more then one child, it could cost as much as a mortgage payment. 

Instead of breaking the bank, Pre-K YOUR Way activities only use typical household items (like paper, sidewalk chalk, measuring tape, markers, ice cubes, leaves, and more!) in the activities. No need to buy fancy toys or materials. Check out our Sample Activities here!


Tired of spending 20 minutes cutting shapes out of construction paper or creating the "perfect Pinterest chart?" Instead, get started in as little as three minutes with a Pre-K YOUR Way activity!

The step-by-step directions are so easy anyone can do it! Watch your child's love of learning develop as you spend time playing together.


"My daughter and I had so much fun! While painting, building, drawing, and jumping, she learned about colors shapes, numbers, and letters. The Pre-K YOUR Way activities are easy to follow and can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. My daughter learned so much while playing and having fun. I highly recommend JDEducational to anyone who is looking for a way to prepare their child for Kindergarten.”  - Tara


BONUS: Your child will learn skills they need to be prepared for Kindergarten!

Every activity includes a list of specific skills your child will learn. They are based on current US Kindergarten Readiness Standards. 

Imagine your child excitedly running into their first day of Kindergarten. As soon as they enter class, they are told to find their name and sit down. 

Since your child completed the Pre-K YOUR Way series, they are able to pick out their name and follow all the directions given! Your child now feels confident and excited to participate.

When children don't have the skills needed to participate in class activities, they become frustrated and discouraged.



1. Includes activities that meet YOUR child's unique learning style.

Do you have a child who doesn't like to sit down for 10 minutes? Maybe you have a child that loves art projects, or creative writing, or music. Every child learns differently.

These 8 styles of learning styles have been discovered:
  1. Linguistic - "Word Smart"
  2. Logical-Mathematical - "Numbers/Reasoning Smart"
  3. Spatial - "Picture Smart"
  4. Bodily - Kinesthetic - "Movement Smart"
  5. Musical - "Rhythms and Songs Smart"
  6. Interpersonal - "People Smart"
  7. Intrapersonal - "Self Smart"
  8. Naturalist  - "Outdoor/Nature Smart"

Our activities teach teach to every learning style. 

2. Activities are modified to YOUR child's development and skill level.

Every child is unique and learns at different paces. Not all three year olds know the same things or have mastered the same developmental tasks. In order to support every child, the curriculum is broken into three levels. These levels are skill-based not age-based. Find out which level is best for your child here.


3. All activities are Budget friendly, using typical household items to complete.

Kids can learn with anything! Pre-K YOUR Way activities utilize items most have already laying around the home - paper, sidewalk chalk, measuring tape, tape, markers, buckets, empty cardboard boxes... etc.

These activities were made to be completed on a budget -- no need to cut out pre-made shapes from construction paper (who wants to spend time doing that anyway??) or buy specific brands of materials. 

Each activity defines exactly what your child will learn, lists materials needed and require minimal prep! Prepare for an activity in three minutes or less! 


4. Activities range between 10-20 minutes each and are easily integrated into YOUR busy schedule.

Having kids and keeping up with everyday tasks isn't easy. These 15 minute activities will fit right in!  These easy to prep lessons can be completed anytime/anywhere using items you already have at home! 
They can be completed:
  • With one child or multiple children of various ages.
  • With any adult (including parents,  daycare providers, preschools, babysitters and grandparents) that work with kids.
  • At any time. Every family is different so there is no set schedule. Complete the activities when it is most convenient for you.
  • Anywhere (at home, at the park, on vacation, inside, outside, and a neighbors house, at a preschool or anywhere else).

Your child will learn new skills and create special memories while you strengthen your relationship through play.


5. Teaches YOUR child Kindergarten Readiness Skills that meet current Standards:

    1. Math and Science - Addition, Subtraction, Patterning, Measurement and More!
    2. Cognitive Development - Problem Solving, Sorting, Categorizing and more!
    3. Physical Development - Large Muscle (Jumping, Hopping, etc) and Small Muscle Development (Using Scissors, Writing, etc)
    4. Language Development - Vocabulary Development and Following Multiple-Step Directions
    5. Literacy Skills - Letter and Word Knowledge and Beginning Reading
    6. Social Skills - Engaging with adults and peers in an age-appropriate way
    7. Emotional Development - Understanding and Processing their feelings. 
    8. Self-Help Skills - Learning skills to become independent.

We offer the only PreK learning activities available that are paired with US Kindergarten Readiness Standards.




Spending one-on-one time with your child not only helps them learn, it also gives them the interaction and attention the crave all day - something they will cherish for a lifetime.

More Questions? Visit our FAQ page here.

How to Purchase:

Printed and Digital PDF Versions of the Curriculum available. 

Digital Versions are Available Here.

Click HERE  to find out which curriculum level is right for your child.

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