What specific Academic and Social Skills will my child learn?

These activities have been developed to meet specific, age-appropriate, Kindergarten-Readiness skills and are specifically designed to address the academic domains: math, science, language, literacy, cognitive, problem solving, and physical development. Each activity includes a section that describes specific skills learned within that activity.

  1. Cognitive Development - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills.
  2. Math and Science - addition, Subtraction, Patterns, Measuring and More!
  3. Physical Development - Large and Small Muscle Development (Jumping, Hopping, Using Scissors, Writing, etc)
  4. Language Development - Vocabulary Development and Following Multiple-Step Directions
  5. Literacy Skills - Letter and Word Knowledge and Beginning Reading
  6. Social and Emotional Development - Engaging with adults and peers in an age-appropriate way
  7. Self-Help Skills - Learning skills to become independent.

Kindergarten Readiness Standards:

The JDEducational Curriculum Series is designed to teach all children learning objectives that meet current Kindergarten Readiness Standards. These Standards include:

Learning Goals for each Level:

Each curriculum level addresses different skills/learning objectives. They are broken up by skill level, not age because every child is unique and learns at a different pace.

Click on the photo below to view a side-by-side comparison of what your child will learn in each level: