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Blog Series

Welcome to the JDEducational Blog Series!

To help you navigate through our Posts, they have been separated into two categories.

Child Development - This series discusses child development in regards to social skills, academic skills, parenting tips and more! Included are tips around everyday parenting experiences (such as taking your kids shopping, how to get your kids out of your house on time, nutrition and cooking with your kids, encouraging your child to listen...) and information on children's developmental milestones (including speech development, academic development and simple ways to teach children through play).

Children's Book Blog - This series features children's books that have a purpose.. that have meaning behind them.. teaching morals and values and that YOU remember! Each of these books were created by authors who have a purpose.. who have an important message they want to teach children. These Early Childhood books are geared towards kids 2 through 10 years of age.

5-Part Language Leap Series - Wondering how to help your child develop their language skills in a natural way? Your child's language and play development happens in specific, sequential stages and there are things that YOU can do in each stage to help them develop more advanced skills. Find out how in this 5-Part Language Series!

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