JDE: Level 3 Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives: Level 3 - Intermediate Academic Level Series

These activities have been developed to meet specific, age-appropriate, Kindergarten-Readiness skills. These skills are laid out in the learning objectives of each activity. The following activities may be completed in any order desired and are specifically designed to address the academic domains: math, science, language, literacy, cognitive, problem solving, and physical development.

 After completing all modules in the Level 3 Curriculum Series, the child should be able to:


  • Solve simple addition and subtractions problems with objects.
  • Count up to 20 objects, using one to one correspondence.
  • Recognizes the names of Numerals.
  • Understands size words (Smaller vs. Larger).
  • Describe shapes by at least two characteristics.
  • Complete patterns that have two or more elements.
  • Sort objects into groups by two or more attributes.
  • Show understanding of measurement by using measuring tools.


  • Demonstrate Curiosity and ask Questions
  • Engage in problem solving techniques.
  • Use words to discuss predictions
  • Use language to reiterate process and conclusions
  • Use a variety of techniques to record information and data collection
  • Use language to describe objects by a variety of attributes
  • Demonstrate understanding of differences between people, animals, plants and other parts of the planet.
  • Complete multi-step projects.

Language and Literacy

  • Write their own name, without help.
  • Follows three-step directions.
  • Uses sentences in conversation to describe, explain or predict outcomes of real or imaginary events.
  • Initiate and engage in literacy activities.
  • Writes familiar words by looking at the word then copying.
  • Identify all letters by sight and sound

Problem Solving Skills

  • Predicts the results of a familiar action.
  • Develops strategies to solve a problem.
  • Communicates memories about a sequence of related events that happened in the past.
  • Puts materials or objects together in new and inventive ways.
  • Participates in challenging multi-step activities.

Gross Motor/Fine Motor Development

  • Participates in a variety of gross motor activities that require balance and coordination.
  • Hops on one foot five or more times.
  • Uses scissors to cut out an object.
  • Uses a pen or marker to write familiar words.
  • Uses a pencil to trace new words