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Pre-K YOUR Way Level 3

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Each unit build on concepts learned in the previous unit, starting with Level 1: Unit 1.

Level 3: Advanced Curriculum Series includes

Over 90 Themed Activities: The advanced academic activities teach math, science, literacy, math and motor skills through a variety of 15 minute activities. Topics Include:

  • Camping
  • Transportation
  • Weather
  • Planet Earth
  • Construction
  • Oceanography

6 Multiple-Step Projects: The all-inclusive project teach math, science, literacy, art, health/safety, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, music and movement and literacy development in an engaging, multi-step project. Each project guides adults and children through investigating specific questions about the theme. The project supports the child in developing a hypothesis then testing and researching processes to find a conclusion.

  • Project Camping: Outdoor Exploration
  • Project Transportation: Understanding Package Delivery Systems
  • Project Weather: Discovering the Elements
  • Project Earth: Investigating Earth's Layers/ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Project Construction: Building Components and Design
  • Project Ocean: Oceanography - Introduction to Photosynthesis

Learning Objectives: Level 3 - Intermediate Academic Level Series

These activities have been developed to meet specific, age-appropriate, Kindergarten-Readiness skills and are specifically designed to address the academic domains: math, science, language, literacy, cognitive, problem solving, and physical development.

After completing all modules in the Level 3 Curriculum Series, the child should be able to:


  • Solve simple addition and subtractions problems with objects.
  • Count up to 20 objects, using one to one correspondence.
  • Recognizes the names of Numerals.
  • Understands size words (Smaller vs. Larger).
  • Describe shapes by at least two characteristics.
  • Complete patterns that have two or more elements.
  • Sort objects into groups by two or more attributes.
  • Show understanding of measurement by using measuring tools.


  • Demonstrate Curiosity and ask Questions
  • Engage in problem solving techniques.
  • Use words to discuss predictions
  • Use language to reiterate process and conclusions
  • Use a variety of techniques to record information and data collection
  • Use language to describe objects by a variety of attributes
  • Demonstrate understanding of differences between people, animals, plants and other parts of the planet.
  • Complete multi-step projects.

Language and Literacy

  • Write their own name, without help.
  • Follows three-step directions.
  • Uses sentences in conversation to describe, explain or predict outcomes of real or imaginary events.
  • Initiate and engage in literacy activities.
  • Writes familiar words by looking at the word then copying.
  • Identify all letters by sight and sound

Problem Solving Skills

  • Predicts the results of a familiar action.
  • Develops strategies to solve a problem.
  • Communicates memories about a sequence of related events that happened in the past.
  • Puts materials or objects together in new and inventive ways.
  • Participates in challenging multi-step activities.

Gross Motor/Fine Motor Development

  • Participates in a variety of gross motor activities that require balance and coordination.
  • Hops on one foot five or more times.
  • Uses scissors to cut out an object.
  • Uses a pen or marker to write familiar words.
  • Uses a pencil to trace new words

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