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The Playful Alphabet

"The Playful Alphabet" teaches letter sounds and formation through PLAY! 

Teach the Alphabet through play! Kids learn the best through hands-on activities! Let's have some fun learning the alphabet through movement, art and sensory exploration! Find it on  AMAZON HERE!

Each letter comes with 5 Activities that teach three different components to learning letters:

  1. The way that it is written.
  2. The sound it makes (phonological).
  3. How letters make words.

Sneak peak into all "5 Letter S" Activities! (Download a Printable PDF HERE)

Or view them in blog posts here:

1. "S" Art - Let's start with letter identification!

2. Sensory "S" - Here we work on letter formation.

3. Decorating "S" (Sensory "S" Activity must be completed before this one) - As we look at our "S" talk about words that start with letter "S" and the sounds that they make. 3-D, hands-on visuals of letters help children understand letter formation which helps them when they start writing the letter with a pencil. Have your child trace the letter with their finger, a crayon or a marker.

4. Sit and Stand: Listening "S"- Use different words to emphasize the sound the letter makes. This supports beginning reading and advances communication/language skills.

5. Sing, Sing Sneaky Snakes - Sometimes, when you are moving, they remember things more clearly. This type of learning addressed the "kinestheic learning language." Let's practice the letter S through movement!

Purchase on  AMAZON for only $12.99 (PRIME) in print HERE!

With over 130 letter activities, your child will learn to identify all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. 

Your child will learn: letter identification and literacy concepts.

There are five activities related to each letter.

    • The first letter activity introduces the shape of the letter.
    • The second and third activities use art materials to reinforce the shape of the letter.
    • The fourth and fifth activities incorporate literacy and gross motor skills to introduce phonological concepts.
"Q" - Q-Tip Painting!


  • 5 Activities for each letter (A through Z)
  • Alphabet Review Games

Purchase on  AMAZON for only $12.99 (PRIME) in print HERE!