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Are Pre-K YOUR Way activities Worksheets or Something else?

The Pre-K YOUR Way curriculum encourages the development of the whole child, meeting the interests of all children. 


These simple, step-by-step activities, use items typically found around a home to teach academic and social skills through a hands-on learning approach. Children learn by moving, creating, building, laughing, problem-solving, investigating, relationship-building and much more.

The foundations of the activities are based on an educational theory called "multiple intelligences" by Harvard University Professor, Howard Gardner.

Gardner believed that every child has a learning language. He identified eight different ways of learning and called them the "eight intelligences" and pathways to learning.

The 8 “learning languages” are:
      1.  Linguistic - "Word Smart" – These children learn best through listening, reading, writing and literature.   Language rich conversations about different themes are fantastic for children that learn this way.
      2. Logical-Mathematical - "Numbers/Reasoning Smart" – These children learn best through solving problems and mechanics.   You can find these children building anything out of, well …. everything!   
      3. Spatial - "Picture Smart" – These children learn through pictures, art and 3-D materials. You can find these children looking at photos of buildings, signs and searching ”Where’s Waldo” puzzles.
      4. Bodily - Kinesthetic - "Movement Smart" – These children learn through obstacle courses and dancing. You can find these kids playing sports, climbing the jungle gym and always on the move.
      5. Musical - "Rhythms and Songs Smart" – These kids learn through music, dancing and singing. You can find these kids playing musical instruments, singing familiar songs, learning a variety of dances and creating living art of their own.
      6. Interpersonal - "People Smart" – These kids learn through discussions and projects. You will find these children as “leaders of the group”, organizing and directing their friends to get a job done.
      7. Intrapersonal - "Self Smart" – These kids learn through self-expression. You can find them drawing pictures, creating art, journaling and spending time in calm places.
      8. Naturalist  - "Outdoor/Nature Smart"- These kids learn best from being outdoors. You can find them hiking through the parks, burying their feet in the sand, watching a caterpillar up close and covering their little bodies in mud!

Which learning style fits your child?

Are you having a hard time deciding on just one style? That is because humans are complex. We have a variety of interests and every new life experience leads us to new interests.  Children have multiple learning styles and providing learning experiences rich in all of these learning styles allows your child to practice skills in new ways.

Our Pre-K YOUR Way Curriculum incorporates all of Gardners "eight intelligence pathways" into our activities. Learn more about Pre-K YOUR Way.

Check out our Sample page for video and photos of kids completing JDEducational activities!


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