Sammy Stories and Dog Bundle

Sammy Stories and Dog Bundle

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*Note: All orders will be sent the second week in June after "The Search for Sammy" books come in!

Included in this set:

  1. Sammy Chases the Alphabet
  2. The Search For Sammy: A Lost and Found Adventure
  3. Soothing Sammy
  4. Soothing Sammy Activities (E-Book)
  5. Soothing Sammy Parent Guide
  6. Soothing Sammy Plush Dog


1. Sammy Chases the Alphabet (Book) - Play fetch with Sammy, the golden retriever, as he teaches your child all about the alphabet!

As your child helps Sammy search for letters on the farm, they will learn what each letter looks and sounds like. The upbeat, rhyming phrases, will capture your child's attention, enticing them to read the book over and over again with excitement!

Sammy helps children learn speech and cognitive skills in a fun way, supporting their love of learning.

The BONUS games, included in the back of the book, teaches children how letters make words.

2. The Search for Sammy: A Lost and Found Adventure - Sammy, the golden retriever, loves to play fetch at his favorite park. One day, he chased a ball into the forbidden woods! Before he knew it, Sammy didn't know where he was. Luckily, his mom taught him how to stay safe if he ever got lost. Sammy meets a variety of forrest animals that keep him safe until the Search and Rescue Team find him. 

Getting lost anywhere can be scary for both children and parents. This rhyming story filled with colorful images and bonus games, will teach your child what to do if they get lost. 

*Note: 50% of all proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to local Search and Rescue Team to fund essential trainings and equipment.

3. Soothing Sammy Children's Book The colorful photos and simple story is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children. In the story, children who are upset visit Sammy, a golden retriever, at his dog house. Sammy shows his friends, how calm down with items he has in his home (such as drinking from a child's cup, using a washcloth to dampen their face, eating a crunchy snack and listening to a calming song). Once calm, Sammy helps children identify their feelings, find out why they are mad and develop a solution to the problem. 

4. Soothing Sammy Plush Dog (Golden Retriever)- Included - Using an empty box or container, follow the directions in the back of the book to construct a "Sammy house" for this plush dog, which resembles the house from the children's book. Place Sammy, the plush dog, into his new home and fill it with the household items discussed in the children's book. When your child feels upset, redirect them to the Sammy house to calm down (just like the children in the book did). Sammy the plush dog:

  • Meets and exceeds all US safety Standards for children ages 2 years old and up.
  • Is Machine Washable
  • Measures 11.5"L x 3.5"W x 10"H

5. Emotions & Feelings Activity Digital E-Book - 

These playful activities teach children the vocabulary to describe how they feel. 

These activities also teach simple academic concepts that prepare children for Kindergarten.

  • Examples Include:
    • "Excited vs. Surprised"
    • "Angry March"
    • "Sunny Side Up"
    • "Emotion Patterning"
    • and so much more!
* All materials to complete these activities are typically found in at home (no need to buy more stuff to complete these activities). 

**Note - Digital E-book is emailed immediately upon purchase.

6. Soothing Sammy Parent Guide -This 80 page parent guide discusses a variety of ways which your family can incorporate Sammy's lessons into your everyday life. It includes tips and reflection pages on topics including:
  • Sharing space and items with other children.
  • Encouraging your child to listen.
  • Helping your child express their feelings.
  • Preventing your child from becoming frustrated.
  • Transitioning to and from different activities.
  • Following Directions.
For all Soothing Sammy orders:
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  • One Sammy Kit is all you need for a family, or an entire classroom. You can add extra Soothing Sammy plush dogs if you have more then one child.
  • This Program was created to meet children where they are and can be easily adapted for children with special needs
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