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Pre-K YOUR Way: Movement Pattern

Materials Needed

  • A safe neighborhood to walk around
  • Optional: A destination to walk to


Step 1: The adult and child should start on their walk.

Step 2: After about two minutes of walking, tell the child you’re going to “pattern walk!”

Step 3: Tell the child that a pattern walk means they have to do the action that the adult tells them to do, in the order it is named. 

Step 4: The adult should first say:

  • “Jump” - the child should jump.
  • “Jump”- the child should jump.
  • “Touch the Floor “ – the child should touch their hands to the floor.

Step 5: Repeat the pattern two more times:

  • “Jump, Jump, touch the floor”
  • “Jump, Jump touch the floor”

Step 6: Next, have the child repeat step 4 through 5 with the following patterns:

  • “Hop on one foot, hop on one foot, touch their nose.”
  • “Run three steps, run three steps, jump backwards one step.”
  • “Tip toe two steps, tip toe two steps, jump once.”
  • “ Hop on one foot, hop on one foot, turn around in a circle”

Optional: What other patterns can the adult come up with? Can the child come up with a two-part pattern?

Learning Objectives

Finish simple patterns using two elements.

Use words and gestures to communicate.
Follow multiple-step directions.

Motor Development
Balance and Coordination

What is one thing you learned about your child during this activity?

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