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Pre-K YOUR Way: Different vs. Same Name

Materials Needed

  • One piece of paper for every member in your immediate family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers and the child).
  • One (1) Box of Crayons
  • One (1) Pen


Step 1: The adult should use a pen to write the first name of each immediate family member on the pieces of paper. One name should be written on each piece of paper. (See Photo below)

Step 2: Tell the child they’re going to look for similarities and differences in the names of their family members.

Step 3: Tell the child to use a crayon to circle the letters that are the same in each name.

(Example: Circle all d’s with a blue crayon, circle all a’s with a green crayon, etc).

Step 4: Ask the child to count all letters that are the same.

Step 5: Ask the child what family members have the same letters that are in the child’s first name.  

Learning Objectives

Introduction to written words.
Introduction to sounds and names of letters.
Use words and gestures to communicate.

Problem Solving
Identify three or more colors.
Understand Different vs. Same.

What is one thing you learned about your child during this activity?

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