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Pre-K YOUR Way: Hello Me

Materials Needed

  • One (1) Box of Crayons
  • One (1) Blank Piece of Paper
  • One (1) printed picture of the child for each of the following ages:
    • Newborn
    • Six months
    • One year
    • Eighteen months
    • Two years
    • Present picture


Step 1: Place all the pictures on a table.

Step 2: Ask the child if they can identify who the child is in the pictures.

Step 3: Tell the child that all of those pictures are of them when they were little and there is one from today.

Step 4: Ask the child if to the pictures in order from youngest (baby photo) to oldest child (photo of them now).

Step 5: Ask the child if they can put the pictures in order from oldest child (picture of them now) to youngest photo (baby photo).

Step 6: Ask the child to count how many photos there are (Answer: total = 6).

Step 7: Ask the child to tell you one thing they like about each photo.

Step 8: Ask the child to draw a photo of themselves using crayons.

Step 9: Ask your child to tell you about their photo. Ask identifying questions such as:

  • What color eyes do you have?
  • What color is your hair?
  • Where are your hands?
  • What are you wearing in your photo?

Learning Objectives

Name and recognize people.
Count up to 5 objects.

Use words and gestures to communicate.
Demonstrate awareness similarities and differences

Problem Solving
Sort objects by one quality (characteristic).

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