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The Playful Alphabet

The Playful Alphabet

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** If you purchase a physical version of the Alphabet activities, the digital version will be sent to you immediately and a physical copy should get to you within 2 weeks! The printed version will have black and white interior pages (no need for color.)

Over 130 Alphabet Activities:

Introduce letter recognition and phonological awareness (letter sounds) through play!

Each letter is taught through:

  • Art
  • Sensory
  • Exploration
  • Movement

Your child will learn: letter identification and literacy concepts.

There are five activities related to each letter.

  • The first letter activity introduces the shape of the letter.
  • The second and third activities use art materials to reinforce the shape of the letter.
  • The fourth and fifth activities incorporate literacy and gross motor skills to introduce phonological concepts.


  • 5 Activities for each letter (A through Z)
  • Alphabet Review Games