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Soothing Sammy Emotions Program

Soothing Sammy Emotions Program

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“Soothing Sammy" teaches preschoolers how to:

  1. Calm Down  without screaming.
  2. Problem Solve.
  3. Talk about how they feel.

All you have to say is "Sammy Time" and your child will know just what to do. 


1. Soothing Sammy (Children's Book)

2. Plush Golden Retriever Dog  (11.5"L x 3.5"W x 10"H)

3. Soothing Sammy Music (MP3 Versions emailed right after purchase)

4. Sammy Activities (digital PDF download emailed right after purchase)

5. Soothing Sammy Behavior Guide (Book)

6. Emotions and Feelings (Poster)

7. Sammy Home Decoration stickers

"Soothing Sammy" teaches children (ages 2-6) how to calm down, communicate their feelings and problem solve in a way that is easy for them to understand and simple for your to implement. It works at home and at preschool!

How "Soothing Sammy" works:



This Fun and Engaging 5-Piece "Soothing Sammy" Program Includes:

    1. Children's Book The colorful photos and simple story is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children. In the story, children who are upset visit Sammy, a golden retriever, at his dog house. Sammy shows his friends, how calm down with items he has in his home (such as drinking from a child's cup, using a washcloth to dampen their face, eating a crunchy snack and listening to a calming song). Once calm, Sammy helps children identify their feelings, find out why they are mad and develop a solution to the problem. 

    2. Soothing Sammy Plush Dog (Golden Retriever) - Using an empty box or container, follow the directions in the back of the book to construct a "Sammy house" for this plush dog, which resembles the house from the children's book. Place Sammy, the plush dog, into his new home and fill it with the household items discussed in the children's book. When your child feels upset, redirect them to the Sammy house to calm down (just like the children in the book did). 

    Stuffed Plush Puppy Toy (Golden Retriever) Plush Toy (11.5"L x 3.5"W x 10"H)

    • Sammy meets and exceeds all US safety Standards for children ages 2 years old and up.
    • Machine Washable
    • Measures 11.5"L x 3.5"W x 10"H
    • A cuddly and soft plush golden retriever that brings the children's book to life.



    3. Soothing Sammy Music (MP3 version)

    Two Soothing Sammy songs will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. Play them on an ipad, phone or computer and encourage your kids sing and dance along! These songs will help them remember what Soothing Sammy is for. 

    4. Soothing Sammy Curriculum Guide- This PDF guide, emailed to you immediately upon purchase, contains simple step-by-step ways for you to introduce Sammy to your classroom in a way they will remember what it is for. 

    It also includes:

    1. Tips From A Mom: “How I Use Sammy In My Home"
    2. Printouts for Sammy Corner
    3.  Two Week Soothing Sammy Curriculum
    4.  Soothing Sammy Coloring Pages
    5.  Soothing Sammy Mask Project
    6.  List of Specific Skills Sammy Teaches
    7. BONUS: Sensory Play Recipes for Kids/Extra ideas to add to Sammy’s House 

    5. Soothing Sammy Activity Guide (Book) - There are so many different feelings and it is hard for children to put those feelings into words. This 200 page book includes a variety of play-based activities that make daily routines fun and engaging. Each of the 6 sections includes tips for parents and teachers on how to support positive behaviors throughout the day. Topics include:

    • Emotions, Feelings & Sharing
    • Learning While Helping & Respecting my Things
    • Going on a Walk & Understanding Safety Rules
    • Shopping Games & Preparing for Successful Outings
    • Car Ride Games & Preparing for Travel with Children & Transitions
    • Mealtime Learning Games & Surviving Restaurant Meals with Kids.

    * All activities utilize items/materials typically found in the home (no need to buy more stuff to complete these activities).


    About the Author:

    This product was designed by Jeana Kinne, MA, a Child Development Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the Early Childhood Field (including Parent Education, Special Education and as a Preschool Director.) Jeana's program will walk you through every step of setting up the Soothing Sammy program in your home or classroom. 

    For all Soothing Sammy orders:

    • Please accept emails when asked at checkout to ensure you receive the digital components of this program along with updates.
    • One Sammy Kit is all you need for a family, or an entire classroom. You can add extra Soothing Sammy plush dogs if you have more than one child.
    • This Program was created to meet children where they are and can be easily adapted for children with special needs
    • After you place an order, we will send you a tracking number along with delivery updates.
    • Please email if you have any questions. 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 50 reviews
      It’s AMAZING!!!

      I purchased The full Sammy Bundle for my child's daycare teacher because he was struggling with emotional regulation and me going back to work full time. I have to say it has been AMAZING! We are all so happy how well Sammy has worked for my son. He is at the point now where he wants to bring Sammy home. Now I’m buying a Sammy dog and book to keep my house!

      Preschoolers LOVE Sammy

      Sun West School Division loves having Soothing Sammy in our prekindergarten programs. Students love Sammy the Golden Dog, his stories, and songs. Teachers appreciate the regular emails from Jeana with new activities for our classrooms.

      Works wonders with my first graders who have special needs.

      I am using Sammy with a group of 3 first graders who have special needs. They are loving him. I am adapting the lessons to fit their IEP goals and objectives. Their favorite part so far was making his bed and making what he would need to make him happy. We were then able to identify what made the students happy. The students are in the general education class and come to me for explicit instruction. They have shared Sammy with other students and come to give them a hug when they need it. Looking forward to many more lessons!

      Tonya A.
      Great buy!

      My kids loved the books! They are 5 and 2. It’s definitely helped both the kids and I with our emotions. Thank you!

      Tonya, I am so happy that your kids love the Sammy books! It is so wonderful to hear how Sammy is helping them with their emotions. Thanks for being a part of the Sammy family!

      Elizabeth L.
      Love the books

      The books are very interactive for both the adult and child and make the learning fun. It feels more like games than classroom learning!! Kids love it!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 49 reviews Write a review