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FAQ's About Soothing Sammy

Why was Sammy Created?

My name is Jeana Kinne, the author and creator of Soothing Sammy. I have a Masters Degree in Education and have worked a variety of positions in the Early Childhood field for the last 15 years. One of the most common questions I receive from parents is: "How do I teach my child how to manage their emotions?" They are tired of the tantrums, frustration, screaming and "not listening" (all common behaviors in toddlers and preschoolers). Wouldn't it be great if young children could calm down and explain how they feel? 

Author, Jeana Kinne, has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and over 15 years of experience working with typically developing children and with children with special needs. She created Sammy to offer a tangible way that teaches calming down techniques in a way that is easy for children to understand, remember and implement within everyday situations.

After searching the internet and early childhood stores, I couldn’t find anything written for children that teaches them how to respond to their feelings in a child-friendly, hands-on way. This is why I created Soothing Sammy!

The Soothing Sammy Program teaches children how to process their feelings, identify their emotions and problem solve in a way that is EASY for children to understand and SIMPLE for parents to implement!

According to Robert Plutchick, professor emeritus at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, more than 90 different emotions have been identified. Imagine being a little person experiencing all of these feelings. Without understanding how to calm down and express their feelings in an appropriate way, children react to their emotions instead of taking a moment to think on how they want to respond. This is why you see children screaming, hitting, throwing objects, etc.  

Why is Sammy important?

According to Robert Plutchick, professor emeritus at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, more than 90 different emotions have been identified. Wow! Imagine being a little person experiencing all of these feelings. Sammy teaches children calm down strategies that they can understand and easily implement.

What is the purpose of Sammy?

Are you tired of turning on the news and being bombarded with stories about violence?  If we teach children simple and effective coping strategies while they are young, they will be able to utilize those skills and strategies through their teenage and adult years. 

What are Sensory Strategies?

Close your eyes and think about something that made you mad or frustrated. How do you feel when you think about it?  Does your heart start racing? Do your hands clench a little? Is your internal temperature rising?

When children feel their body start to “fume” they react.  Reactions don’t involve thinking about WHY they feel the way they feel. This is why you see young children throwing objects (that they are frustrated with), hitting the toddler sitting next to them (because they are in their space) or running the other direction when mom says it’s time to leave the park.

As adults, we seek out calming sensory activities when we feel stressed or upset - such as sipping coffee, chewing gum, going on a walk/run, putting on fragrant hand lotion or smelling essential oils. Throughout our life experiences, we have learned what techniques help us calm down. Sammy is here to help young children learn safe strategies they can use to calm themselves down.

You may have noticed, when children become mad or upset, it is hard to have a conversation with them.  Children become overwhelmed with emotion and ignore adult advice/redirection. This isn't because your child is mean or rude, it's simply because they need time to process what has happened and figure out why their body is reacting in such a strong way.

Throughout the story, children visit Sammy, the golden retriever, who introduces them to different calming strategies such as looking at a photo, smelling a rose, listening to a favorite song, crunching on a favorite snack and more! Each item Sammy introduces to the children impacts one or more components of a child's sensory system, teaching children that there are ways to calm their body when they feel overwhelmed.

Once calm, Sammy teaches the children how to process their feelings and solve problems with adult support. There are different emotional levels that all humans experience. Low levels are when you are calm and can talk through a situation. High levels include extreme anger/frustration/sadness often described as ‘losing it’. When children are at a high emotional level, talking to them is not helpful.

What is included in the Sammy Set?

  1. Emotions and Feelings Activity Book
  2. Soothing Sammy Children's Book
  3. Soothing Sammy Plush Dog
  4. Parent Guide

Can I purchase the Sammy book by itself?

Yes you can purchase the full kit together or purchase each component by itself. Click here for more information. 

Can I use it in a classroom?

Yes! Many local preschools have used Sammy successfully in their classrooms. Click here for more information.

Will it help my child with special needs?

Yes! Sammy can be adapted to your child's developmental level. Click here to read more information on how this might work for your family.

Does it work? 

Check out our customer reviews here!