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Sammy the Golden Dog Emotions BINGO Dice Game

Sammy the Golden Dog Emotions BINGO Dice Game

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Children learn the best by "doing" and that includes learning emotion words. I created this dice game to do just that. You can print out the dice on their own or pair it with the BINGO cards.

How it works:

1.Print out the dice on paper or thick card stock (for more durability). Use the pictures dice for preschoolers and the word dice for beginning readers.

2.Cut out the dice patterns and glue the flaps to secure each side.

3. Have your child roll the dice then look in a mirror (or at another child/adult) and make the face that is on the top of the dice.

4. Find the same feeling face on the BINGO cards to cover with the Sammy squares.

5. Play the BINGO game - whoever covers 5 squares first wins!


"Johnny screams at me when he doesn't want to put his shoes on."

"Sophia pushed over the block tower when I said it was time to clean up."

"Andrew sat on the floor in the middle of Target whaling because he wanted the Oreo box."

Any of these sound familiar?

You are not alone! Actually - it is developmentally appropriate for young children to loose control of their feelings.


There are over 90 emotions and children don't have the words to talk about them yet. Imagine, as a three year old having 400 words and 90 feelings. You don't know enough words yet to even describe how you are feeling, let alone name those feelings.

But as parents and teacher of preschoolers, we know that emotional skills are one of the most important life skills children are learning.

As a matter of fact, most Kindergarten teachers say that managing feelings is one of the only skills kids need to start Kindergarten. If a child can calm down, communicate with peers, take turns and problem solve, a teacher can teach them anything!

Sharing space, listening, following directions..... these foundational skills make the most difference in a classroom.

So how do we teach children these skills so they can feel confident and secure as they work through their feelings in a positive way?

Through PLAY of course :)