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Activity #11: Santa's Paper House


  • Scraps of Wrapping Paper
  • One (1) Roll of tape
  • One (1) Cardboard Box
  • One (1) Pen
  • One (1) Piece of Paper
  • One (1) Pair of Child-Sized Scissors


  • Fine Motor (Writing)
  • Fine Motor (Using Tape)
  • Fine Motor (Using Scissors)
  • Language Expression
  • Creativity
  • Understanding Shapes and Sizes


  1. Place a cardboard box (any size), the tape, child-safe scissors and wrapping paper scraps in front of the child.
  2. Tell your child that the box is Santa's house. They can use all of the items in from of them to decorate his house. 
  3. Once the child has completed the decorating, tell your child that you are going to write a story together. 
  4. Ask your child about the house that they decorated and write down what they say. Where will Santa sleep? Where will he eat? What colors are on his house? Who lives in the house with him? Why did they place different paper in their places on the house? Do any pieces represent windows or doors?
  5. Once your child is done, ask them to trace what you wrote, using a pen. 
  6. Once completed, have the child place the piece of paper in Santa's House and have them put the house near the Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve for Santa to see.

OPTIONAL: On Christmas morning, the parent can write a letter to the child, from Santa, addressing all of the parts of the house and how Santa likes them all. 

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