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Activity #5: Gingerbread Man Feet



  • A Large Indoor or Outdoor Space your child can run around in.
  • Two Pieces of Painters Tape
  • The Gingerbread Man Storybook (in book form or Youtube video Here)


  • Listening and Following Directions
  • Gross Motor: Jumping, Running, Hopping
  • Gross Motor: Balance and Coordination
  • Literacy: Exploring Stories
  • Literacy: Reenactment


  1. Read the book or watch the video of The Gingerbread Man.
  2. Tell your child that they are going to be the Gingerbread man and will have to move as fast as they can!
  3. The adult should put a line of painter’s tape (at least four inches long) on one side of the room you are going to allow your child to run around. 
  4. Place another line of painter’s tape - the same length as the piece in Step 3 - on the opposite side of the same room.
  5. Tell your child that they are the Gingerbread Man and they need to make it from one line to the other line, as fast as they can! You are going to tell them how they will need to get there. 
  6. Ready set Go! Tell your child you are opening the oven door and it's time to Jump as fast as they can from one line to the other. 
  7. Once your child reaches the opposite line, tell them to run back to the other line as fast as they can!
  8. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 with the following movements:
  • Hop on One Foot
  • Walk on Tip Toes
  • Crawl Like a Bear
  • Slither like a Snake (Moving on their belly)
  • Swim like a Fish (Running with a fishy face)
  • Fly like a Butterfly (Running while flapping their arms)
  • Tip Toe Quietly like a Spider
  • What other movements can you and your child think of?

Enjoy playing! Are there some other stories that you know of that you and your child can act out? Take a trip to the library or your book collection to find out!

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