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Activity #3: Bow Mania


  • Twelve (12) Bows - 3 sets of 4 bows that are the same color (example: 4 red bows, 4 green bows, 4 white bows)


  • Matching
  • Sorting
  • Patterning
  • Following Multiple-Step Directions
  • Color Identification
  • Number: One to Once Correspondence
  • Quantity: More, Less, Same


  1. Place all of the bows on the floor in front of your child.
  2. Ask your child to sort the bows into three separate piles (by color - example: all 4 red bows together, all 4 green bows together & all 4 white bows together).
  3. Ask your child to count each set of bows (1-4). How many bows are in each pile?
  4. Ask your child if each pile has the same, more or less bows? (All piles have the same amount of bows).
  5. Tell your child to put 8 bows in one pile and 4 bows in another pile. 
  6. Ask your child to tell you which pile has more bows and which pile has less bows. Do they know? Tell your child to repeat the following phrase: "8 bows is more than 4 bows". "4 bows is less than 8 bows".
  7. Tell your child to put the bows back into three color piles that are the same (The same piles as step 2).
  8. Tell your child that you are going to practice patterns.
  9. Ask your child to put two bows (of different colors) next to each other (example: red bow, white bow).
  10. Tell your child to repeat step 9 with the same color bows, adding them to the line of bows from step 9 (example: red bow, white bow, red bow, white bow).
  11. Can your child finish the pattern using the remaining four bows (2 bows of each color)?

If your child is able to complete Step 9 through 11 easily, make the pattern harder by asking them to do the following:

  • Create a pattern using three colors (example: white bow, red bow, blue bow, white bow, red bow, blue bow.. etc).
  • Switch up the pattern by placing two bows of the same color next to one bow of a different color (example: red bow, red bow, white bow, red bow, red bow, white bow).

Are there any other items in your home that your child has multiple of? Ask them what they can make patterns out of!

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