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Activity #2: Ornament Hunt



  • Christmas Tree with Ornaments on it
  • One (1) Box of Crayons
  • Three (3) Blank 3x5 cards
  • One (1) Marker


  • Color Identification
  • Shape Identification
  • Following Multiple-Step Directions
  • Object Association
  • Counting: One to One Correspondence 
  • Fine Motor: Drawing/Writing
  • Number Identification: Tracing and Naming Numbers


  1. The adult should use a marker to draw a circle on one 3x5 card.
  2. The adult should use a marker to draw a square on one 3x5 card.
  3. The adult should use a marker to draw a triangle on one 3x5 card.
  4. Tell your child to pick one of the 3x5 cards and identify what shape is drawn on the card.
  5. Ask them to find ornaments on the tree that have the same shape on it (the shape can be painted or drawn on the ornament - or the ornament can be formed in the actual shape).
  6. Tell the child to use a crayon to draw one line (tally mark) on the back of the 3x5 card.
  7. Ask the child to look at the rest of the ornaments on the tree and make a tally mark for every ornament with that shape on it. 
  8. Once the child has found all of the ornaments that have that shape on it, ask them to count the total number of tally marks. (Optional: The adult can write that number next to the tally marks and have the child trace the number. If there are no ornaments that match that shape, then have the child trace the number "0" with a crayon.)
  9. Repeat with the rest of the shapes.


Another version of this game is to have the child pick a crayon out of the crayon box. Ask them to look around the tree and find the ornaments that match that crayon color. Use the Crayon to make tally marks onto a piece of paper to represent each ornament that matches that color. 


What other items can your child look for on the tree? Are there aspects of other ornaments that you have that are similar? Some ideas are:

  • Ornaments that your child or other children in the family have made.
  • Ornaments that have the same animal/object on them
  • Ornaments that have family photos on them. 
  • Ornaments that are in the shape of a ball.

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