Activity #12: Reindeer Bells



  • One Plastic Ball Ornament for every letter in your child's first name.(Any Color)
  • One (1) Permanent Marker (Any Color)
  • One (1) Package of Christmas Stickers


  • Name and Letter Recognition
  • Order
  • Fine Motor (Peeling Stickers)
  • Counting : One to One Correspondence


  1. The adult should write one letter of the child's first name on each of the ornaments - finishing when each letter of the child's first name is on it's own "bell".
  2. Allow your child to decorate each "bell" with the Christmas Stickers.
  3. Ask your child to identify each letter on the Christmas Ornaments. Tell them that the ornaments are their "Reindeer Bells".
  4. Tell your child that the "bells" spell their name. Ask them to place the "bells" in the order of their name - spelling their name with the letters written on the ornaments.
  5. Tell your child that they are bells just like Santa's reindeer wear. They are their "bells" because the bells spell their name!

OPTIONAL: You can help your child tie each "reindeer bell" to their belt-loops on their jeans. Allow them to dance around the room!



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