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Activity #6: Santa's JOLLY Dance



  • Five (5)  3x5 Cards
  • One (1) Pen 
  • Children's Music 


  • Letter Identification
  • Following Directions
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Number Sense: Counting



  1. Write one of the following letters on each of the 3x5 cards: "J" on the first card, "O" on the second card, "L" on the third card, "L" on the fourth card & "Y" on the last card.
  2. Tell your child that it is time to do the Santa JOLLY dance! 
  3. Place the 3x5 cards in the order to spell the word "JOLLY".
  4. Ask your child to identify the letters on the cards. Do they know each letter? Tell them that the letters spell the word "JOLLY".
  5. They are going to do a JOLLY dance. Each letter will stand for a different movement:
  • J = Clap three times
  • O = Stomp your feet five times
  • L = Jump four times
  • Y = Spin in a circle six times. 
6. Start the children's music and tell your child to dance to the music!
7. After about 20 seconds, pause the music and hold up one of the letter cards. 
8.Ask your child to identify the letter on the card. 
9.Tell your child to complete the movement associated with that letter (from Step 5) Repeat Steps 6 through 9 for as long as you would like!


Happy JOLLY dancing! Can your child think up more movement ideas? Everybody can join in and do the JOLLY dance!

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