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Activity #9: Colored Ribbon Walk


  • One (1) Roll of Green Ribbon
  • One (1) Roll of White Ribbon
  • One (1) Roll of Red Ribbon
  • One (1) Roll of Gold Ribbon
  • One (1) Roll of Tape
  • One (1) Piece of White Paper
  • One (1) Pair of Child-Safe Scissors
  • One (1) Box of Crayons


  • Color Identification
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Fine Motor: Using Scissors
  • Fine Motor: Imitating Lines with a Crayon


  1. Roll 10 feet of Red ribbon across the floor. 
  2. Tape each side of the ribbon onto the floor. 
  3. Roll 10 feet of White ribbon across the floor, placed at least two feet away from the Red ribbon.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 with the Green and Gold Ribbon.
  5. Next, have your child use child-safe scissors to cut the piece of paper into four pieces. 
  6. Ask your child to draw an "X" with a red crayon on one piece of paper (If your child doesn't know how to draw an x, the adult can draw one on the paper).
  7. Ask your child to draw an "X" with a green crayon on another piece of paper (have them look at the red "x" and see if they can copy it).
  8. Repeat step 7 with a gold/yellow crayon.
  9. Leave the last piece of paper blank (white).
  10. Tell your child that each piece of paper represents one of the ribbon lines that are on the floor. 
  11. The adult should pick one of the pieces of paper and show the child. Ask the child what color is on the paper (green, red, white or gold/yellow).
  12. Ask the child to find the ribbon on the floor that matches that color. 
  13. Once the child finds the color ribbon, have them stand on one side of it. Tell them they need to get to the other side of the ribbon. Each ribbon requires a different movement activity:
    • green ribbon = tip toe
    • red ribbon = jump
    • white ribbon = walk forwards
    • gold ribbon = walk backwards
  14. Tell the child to complete the action listed above that corresponds with the color ribbon they are on. They must do that action until they reach the other side of the ribbon. Balance and Coordination is key!
  15. Repeat Steps 11 through 14 with different colors. Continue for as long as you would like. 

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