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Pre-K YOUR Way: Color Hunt

Materials Needed:

  • One (1) Piece of Blank Paper
  • One (1) Box of Crayons
  • One (1) Pen
  • One (1) Yellow Highlighter

Step 1: Tell your child you’re going to walk down your street. The adult can decide how long of a walk to take. If your street isn’t safe to walk around, then choose a local park, neighborhood or walking trail nearby.

Step 2: Take a box of crayons and a blank piece of paper with you on your walk.

Step 3: Tell your child to use a crayon to make a tally mark for every COLOR they see on the walk. When your child sees a color on your walk, they need to use the same color crayon to make the tally mark on the piece of paper.

For example:

* Your child found a YELLOW flower.
* Ask them to find
YELLOW crayon to make one tallymark on the sheet of paper.

Step 4: While on your walk, encourage your child to stop and look at a variety of colors (i.e. cars, sticks, houses, trees, fruit, birds, cats, dogs, etc).

Step 5: Once you’re done with your walk, return home.

Step 6: Help your child add up the total amount of tally marks by color. Use a highlighter to write the numeral that represents each number.

For Example:

Yellow Flower - 1

Green Grass - 2

Green Bush - 1

Green Car - 1

Total - 4

Step 7: Have your child trace all of the numbers with a pen.

Step 8: Ask your child if they can remember what items they saw on the walk that correspond to each color.

For example:
“Can you tell me what things you saw on the walk today that were green?” Child: “I saw a green tree, green grass and a green frog!”

Learning Objectives:

One to One Correspondence
Numerical Identification

Use language to talk about past events

Problem Solving
Color Identification
Motor Skills
Using a crayon or pencil to draw or write

What is one thing you learned about your child during this activity?

This Activity is from Level 2! Find more Activities Here!

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