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Pre-K YOUR Way: Through a Tunnel

Materials Needed:

  • Five (5) 3x5 Cards
  • One (1) Pen


Step 1: Tell your child that its time to pretend to go on a ride! On our ride, we are going to see some tunnels! Tunnels are made so that cars can go through or under objects that are in its path.

Step 2: The adult should write the number 1 through 5 in the index cards. Only write one number on each 3x5 index card.

Step 3: Have the child start to walk around the room. The adult should randomly say:

“Oh No! A Tunnel!”

Step 4: The adult should pick up one of the 3x5 index cards. Ask the child to name the number written on the card.

Step 5: Once the number has been identified, the child should get in crawling position. Tell them to crawl forward the same number of “crawls/paces” that is on the card.

For example:

If the 3x5 index card, in Step 4, said “3” then the child should crawl forward three paces – (signifying that the tunnel is three “paces” long).

Step 6: Repeat Steps 4 through 5 as many times as you would like, picking a new 3x5 card each time.

Step 7: Once finished, ask your child the following questions:

  • Which tunnel is the longest? (Answer: 5)
  • Which tunnel is the shortest? (Answer: 1)
  • Which tunnel is medium length? (Answer: 3 (in the middle of 1 and 5))


Take it to the Next Level:

  • Repeat the activity and ask your child to crawl backwards.

Learning Objectives:

Number Awareness
One to One Correspondence
Quantity and Counting
Comparing size/values

Following Directions
Building Vocabulary
Understanding Size Words

Motor Skills
Gross Motor: Crawling forwards and backwards
Gross Motor: Coordination
Gross Motor: Body Awareness in Space

What is one thing you learned about your child during this activity?

This Activity is from Level 2! Find more Activities Here!

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