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Pre-K YOUR Way: Hot Letters!

Materials Needed

  • One (1) large piece of cardboard or thick poster paper
  • One (1) bucket or large container
  • One (1) black marker
  • One (1) pair of adult scissors


Step 1: The adult should use a black marker to write each letter of the alphabet (in capital letters) on a piece of cardboard or poster paper. Make sure each letter is evenly spaced apart.

Step 2: The adult should cut each letter out, preferably in the shape of a square, and place the letters in a pile.

Step 3: Put a bucket on the floor and have the child stand 3 feet behind the bucket.

Step 4: Tell the child, “We’re going to pretend the letters are hot.“

Step 5: Ask the child to count how many letters on on the floor in front of them (Answer: 26 letters).

Ask the child to pick up a letter from the pile. Have them identify the letter by name, then throw it into the bucket as fast as they can! The letters are “hot” and may burn if they take too long to name the letter!

Step 6: After you child has made them all in, repeat the activity.

**Note #1: If the cardboard is too light to throw, glue each letter onto another piece of cardboard.

***Note #2: If the child is having a hard time throwing the cardboard, have them pick up the letter from the pile, identify it, then run the letter over to the bucket and put it in. Continue until all letters are in the bucket. Keep track of how long it takes for the child to complete the race.

Optional: Take it to the next level: If your child is able to identify all the letters, create more letter cards with lowercase versions of each letter. Mix the lowercase and uppercase letter cards together and have the child repeat the activity. Can they name all the lower and uppercase versions of the alphabet?

Learning Objectives:

Math/ScienceHot Vs. ColdCounting 1-24 (Letters)

Identify all letters by sight and sound

Following Directions
Gross Motor: balance and coordination.

What is one thing you learned about your child during this activity?

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