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Pre-K YOUR Way: House Jump


  • One (1) Roll of Painter’s Tape
  • One (1) Outside space or tile floor
  • One (1) Piece of Paper
  • One (1) Pen
  • One (1) Stick of Sidewalk Chalk


Step 1: The adult should draw a plan of their house layout on a blank piece of paper with a pen (Example: see picture):

Step 2: With the child, walk around your home and discuss which rooms are next to each other.

Step 3: The adult should use a roll of painter’s tape, or sidewalk chalk, and the home plan from Step 1, to draw the same layout on an outdoor concrete floor.

Step 4: The adult should use sidewalk chalk to write the name of each room inside of the plan.

Step 5: The adult should call out the names of the different rooms and encourage the child to hop (on one foot) to that room. Ask the child identify each room by where the room is located on the plan.

Example: The Bathroom is Next to the Living Room.

Step 6: Continue step 5 until everyone is all hopped out!

Learning Objectives:

Follow three-step directions.
Understanding Positional Vocabulary

Problem Solving
Use a variety of techniques to record information and data collection
Use language to describe objects by a variety of attributes

Motor Skills
Gross Motor: balance and coordination.
Gross Motor: Hop on one foot five or more times.

What is one thing you learned about your child during this activity?

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