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Pre-K YOUR Way: Food Group Investigation


Including your child in everyday activities not only supports their independence but also encourages them to use all their academic, social and motor skills in one activity!

When we go grocery shopping, we are learning vocabulary, computing numbers (price tags), categorizing, counting (paying), organizing by weight (when bagging) and so much more.

In school, subjects are taught separately, but when we give our children real-world experiences, we allow them to use all of their knowledge at the same time! Let's pretend that we are going to go grocery shopping to make meals for the week. This activity will help your child identify foods by category. 

Materials Needed

  • Grocery Store Sale Paper
  • Child-safe Scissors
  • Six (6) Paper Plates
  • One (1) Glue Stick


Step 1: The adult should use a pen to write the following words on each paper plate (write one word per plate):

  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Bread
  • Sweets

Step 2: Tell the child to match pictures from the sale paper ads, to the correct plate.

Step 3: Help the child use child-safe scissors to cut out pictures of different foods from the sale paper ads. (Make sure there are at least two food pictures per category stated in Step 1.)

Step 4: Ask the child to organize the foods by category, placing each cut-out food picture onto the correct plate.

Step 5: Allow the child to use a glue stick to glue the foods onto each plate.  

Take it to the Next Level: Keep the plates out for the rest of the week and allow the child to keep track of foods they eat during meals. Are there food categories they eat more of or less of?

Learning Objectives

Participate in familiar routines.
Understand rules and expectations related to specific places and environments.
Use words and gestures to communicate.
Follow new directions

Problem Solving
Sort objects by one quality (characteristic i.e. Size, color)
Understand Different vs. Same

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