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Every child is unique and learns at different paces so Pre-K YOUR Way includes 3 Levels based on skill level, not age. Each Level builds on concepts learned the the previous Level. 
BEFORE starting each level, your child needs to know:


Still not sure where to start? Check out our Free PDF Sample Booklet:

Sample Videos

Level 1:

Spoon Walk:

Activity time: 15 minutes

Learning Objectives: Eye- Hand Coordination, Counting, One-to-One Correspondence, Following directions, Fine Motor Development

Materials Needed

  • Ten (10) Cheerios (Or other cereal pieces)
  • Two (2) Plastic or Paper Cups
  • One (1) Spoon


Learning in the Car
Learning Objectives: Language Development, Critical Thinking, Social Skills, Expressive Language

This family is preparing for a day in going somewhere this little girl didn't want to go. Watch the video to find out how following the Parenting Tips in this section helped this little girl be okay with going to the doctor:


A day at the park: Blast Off 

Learning Objectives: Language Development, Counting, Gross Motor Development - Jumping and Balance, Following Directions

Materials Needed:

  • One (1) Slide w/stairs (at a park) or One (1) Step Stool
  • Ten (10) 3x5 cards.
  • One (1) Marker

(This is a way to complete the activity indoors when it is raining outside).

Level 2:

Space Exploration Space Walk

Learning Objectives: Understanding Scientific terms; Balance and Coordination; Letter Identification; Jumping

Materials Needed:

  • One (1) Stick of Sidewalk Chalk
  • Eight (8) 3x5 cards, any color
  • One (1) Ruler


Advanced Numbers, Letters and Shapes

Activity C2: Pattern Numbers - Activity time: 15 minutes

Learning Objectives: One-to-One Correspondence; Number Balance and Coordination; Number Identification; Following two step directions; Counting one through 10; Following Visual and Auditory Cues

 Materials Needed

  • Ten (10) Pieces of blue construction paper (any size)
  • Ten (10) Pieces of green construction paper (any size)
  • Two (1) Empty containers (large enough for the colored paper pieces to fit into)
  • One (1) Black Marker
  • An area where the child can move around

 Letter A 

Learning Objectives: One-to-One Correspondence; Letter Identification, Phonological Awareness; Hand-Eye Coordination; Fine Motor - Using Glue; Fine Motor - Using a Writing Tool; Following two step directions; Following Visual and Auditory Cues

 Materials Needed

  • Paper
  • Black Marker, Crayon or Pen
  • Blue
  • Popsicle Sticks


    Level 3:

    Camping - Activity B2: In the Dark, Dark Night
    Activity time: 15 minutes

    Learning Objectives: Letter identification, Throwing, Hand-eye coordination

    Materials Needed

    • One (1) Flashlight
    • One (1) Piece of Blank Paper
    • One (1) Black Marker
    • One (1) Yellow Highlighter
    • Time of day when it is dark outside

    Watch this video to see what words she found when using her flashlight.


    Transportation: Activity C- 1 - Wheel Roll

    Activity time: 15 minutes

    Learning Objectives: Gross Motor Development: Balance, Gross Motor Development: Kicking, Mathematical Operations: Adding/Counting

    Materials Needed
    • One (1) Tape Measure
    • One (1) Piece of Sidewalk Chalk
    • Four (4) Balls (any size to kick)
    • One (1) Outdoor space

    Jeana teaches how to complete this activity

    For a side-by-side comparison of skills your child will learn by completing each level, click here

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