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Pre-K YOUR Way Level 1

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Each unit build on concepts learned in the previous unit, starting with Level 1: Unit 1.

Level 1 Series Collection Includes:

120 Themed Academic Activities The beginning academic activities teach math, science, literacy, math and motor skills through a variety of 15 minute activities. These lessons include how to teach children during everyday activities such as learning:

  • All About Me
  • Learning While Going on  a Walk
  • About My Family
  • Learning While Completing Household Activities
  • Understanding Emotions and Feelings
  • Learning at the Library/Literacy Activities
  • Discovering My 5 Senses
  • Shopping Trip Games
  • Car Ride Games
  • Park Games
  • Nutrition/Mealtime Investigation
  • Restaurant Games

12 Parenting Tip Behavior Support Guides discuss common behavior and social skill milestones. The guides introduce a variety of ways to support children's social development at home and in the community. Includes Social Skill activities for children to practice the concepts and a parenting guide worksheet which helps individual families create a plan to incorporate learned techniques into their family. Topics Include:

  • Understanding Diversity
  • Understanding Safety Routines
  • Taking Turns with Loved Ones
  • Taking Care of My Things
  • Supporting Children's Feelings through Identifying BIG Emotions
  • Supporting Age-Appropriate Behavior
  • Preparing for Successful Outings
  • Teaching Indoor and Outdoor Behavior Expectations
  • Traveling with Children
  • Creating Successful Transitions
  • Supporting Children in Trying New Foods
  • Surviving Restaurant Meals with Young Children

For Specific Details on what your child needs to know prior to completing each level, click here.

Your Child will Learn the following:

These activities have been developed to meet specific, age-appropriate, Kindergarten-Readiness skills and teaches math, science, language, literacy, cognitive, problem solving, and physical development.

**Note: Specific Social/Emotional Learning Objects from Kindergarten Readiness Standards are addressed in this level only. This Level is appropriate for children two years through Kindergarten, no matter what their academic skills are.

 After completing all modules in the Level 1 Curriculum Series, the child should be able to:


  • Name and recognize familiar shapes.
  • Finish simple patterns using two elements.
  • Count up to 5 objects.
  • Recognize the names of numerals.

 Problem Solving/Science and Investigation

  • Identify three or more colors.
  • Sort objects by one quality (characteristic i.e. Size, color)
  • Name body parts and their function.
  • Understand Different vs. Same.
  • Classify objects by at least two properties.


  • Participate in familiar routines.
  • Understand rules and expectations related to specific places and environments.
  • Use words and gestures to communicate with same aged peers.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the meaning of the behaviors of others.
  • Use words to problem solve and respond to a variety of social situations.

Social/Emotional Development

  • Understand and follow familiar safety routines.
  • Demonstrate awareness of personal care routines.
  • Develop and use self-regulation techniques.
  • Acknowledge own feelings and respond with appropriate behaviors.
  • Identify feelings in others.
  • Engage with peers in an appropriate way (Depending on age and skill level).

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