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What is Pre-K YOUR Way?

Have you noticed that every child is unique? Your child has their own way of learning, their own interests and unique strengths. There are tons of expert (and non-expert) advice floating around about how your child should learn and what your child needs to learn. How are you supposed to know which way is best… and why is your child not wanting to sit for 20 minutes to complete worksheets like your neighbor’s child?

THE ANSWER: We are all UNIQUE and so is our LEARNING STYLE! Our Learning Activities Teach to Every Learning Style!

Pre-K YOUR Way:

√ Teaches YOUR Child in the way they learn best.
√ Can be completed anytime/anywhere.
√ Can be completed with one or multiple children.
√ Uses items you already have at home. 
√ Includes step-by-step directions so it's easy to follow.
√ Are only 15 minutes in length so it's easy to prep.

√ Are available in printed books and in digital download versions.

1. HOW do Children Learn?

Howard Gardner, a Harvard University Professor, developed the theory of “multiple intelligences” categorizing all the ways that children learn.

These 8 “learning languages” identify our unique learning styles. Identifying and using learning activities based on your child’s learning style, will support stress-free and FUN experiences for your family!

The 8 “learning languages” are:

  1.  Linguistic - "Word Smart" 
  2. Logical-Mathematical - "Numbers/Reasoning Smart"
  3. Spatial - "Picture Smart"
  4. Bodily - Kinesthetic - "Movement Smart"
  5. Musical - "Rhythms and Songs Smart"
  6. Interpersonal - "People Smart"
  7. Intrapersonal - "Self Smart"
  8. Naturalist  - "Outdoor/Nature Smart"

Children have multiple learning styles and providing learning experiences rich in all of these learning styles allows your child to practice skills in new ways. For More details on Each Learning Style, Click Here!

 2. WHEN do Children Learn?

How do you incorporate teaching your child all of the skills they need to learn into the “busy-ness” of taking care of a family? We are here to help!

EVERY second of EVERY day is an opportunity for your child to learn something new.

There are two main teachers in a child’s life: their parents and their environment. Children engage with the world in a magical way, sharing their excitement with everyone around them.

Pre-K Your Way guides families through simple and fun ways to incorporate learning in every environment. Our activities help you teach them wherever you are! Adults take on a unique role in their Child's Learning. Our Activities give you step-by-step instructions on how to prompt your child's social and academic development through play-based activities.  To make this process as simple as possible, each activity includes:

  • Simple Step-by-Step Instructions.
  • A Materials List of Common Household Items.
  • A Grid Describing Specific Academic and Social Skills Learned. 

All of the materials needed to complete the Pre-K Your Way curriculum are items typically found around a home or found at a local convenience store. For example, some activities may require empty boxes, pillows, tape, crayons, paper, sidewalk chalk, blankets, clothes, suitcases, ice cubes, socks or flashlights!

3. WHAT are Children supposed to Learn?

Since all children are unique, our Curriculum is divided up by skill level, not age. These skills include:

  1. Cognitive Development - Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills.
  2. Math and Science - Addition, Subtraction, Patterns, Measuring and More!
  3. Physical Development - Large and Small Muscle Development (Jumping, Hopping, Using Scissors, Writing, etc)
  4. Language Development - Vocabulary Development and Following Multiple-Step Directions
  5. Literacy Skills - Letter and Word Knowledge and Beginning Reading
  6. Social and Emotional Development - Engaging with adults and peers in an age-appropriate way
  7. Self-Help Skills - Learning skills to become independent.

What is Pre-K YOUR Way?

Meet YOUR Families Needs.

  • Our Activities can be completed one time or repeated many times.
  • They can be completed with one child or ten children.
  • They can be adapted and completed with children of ALL ages.
  • All activities are completed with items typically found around a home. No need to purchase any expensive materials.

Complete when it's best for YOUR Family.

  • You can complete one per day, five per day or more per day. You can complete one per week, one per month.. whatever you choose.
  • You can work through the activities at your families pace. Complete them at night, in the morning, after lunch or after nap.
  • Our Activities can be completed anywhere! At home, at the park, on vacation, inside, outside, and a neighbors house, at a preschool or anywhere else!

Meets YOUR child's Learning Style.

  • Our activities are full of hands-on learning experiences.
  • Includes movement, literature, songs, cooking, sensory-rich activities and More!
  • Our comprehensive activity series includes math, science, language, literacy, gross motor, fine motor and cognitive learning, self-help and social/emotional learning objectives.
  • All units are laid out in sequential stages, each unit and level building on concepts learned in the previous one.
  • Since every child is unique, learning at different paces, our activities are SKILL-Based not AGE-based.

      Teaches YOUR child skills necessary for Kindergarten (either public, private or homeschool)

        Adapt it to Meet YOUR Classroom's needs.

        JDE Pre-K YOUR Way Activities are segmented into three levels. Each level builds on the concepts learned in the previous one. To learn about each level, click here.

        To find out which level is appropriate for your child, download our FREE Starting Point Sample Guide.

        Skills taught are based off of the following Preschool Assessments:

        Our Purpose:

        I created these activities so families can have FUN as they move through the daunting task of teaching their child social/emotional and academic skills. My hope is that by completing this program, children and families will feel supported while playing, learning and growing together!

        About the Author:

        Jeana Kinne, MA has spent over 16 years in the Early Childhood Education field. She has worked as a Preschool Teacher, Preschool Director, Preschool Consultant and with children with Special Needs. Jeana created the JDE Pre-K YOUR Way curriculum to guide parents in learning simple teaching techniques which keep their child engaged, excited to learn. She hopes that through learning and growing together, families will create life-long memories. Learn More About Jeana Here!


         For more information visit: Our Program Information